Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of KIAI?

KIAI is a non-profit association founded to improve the communications among kenjutsu instructors worldwide. KIAI offers free membership to all japanese sword arts instructors, free advertising in KIAI Online Magazine, links exchange and participation on large KIAI meetings.

Who can become a member of KIAI?

Members of KIAI are instructors of Japanese sword arts from various styles, schools and associations. There are simple requirements for KIAI membership.

Are there any special obligations for KIAI members?

No, except to stay in touch with KIAI heads and to make at least one report (in an e-mail) per year about their activities. This is mandatory "renewal" of KIAI membership. All those who don't get in touch for more than 12 months after previous message or meeting with KIAI president or CEO, will be removed from KIAI member's list.

How to become a member of KIAI?

One must be an ACTIVE instructor of japanese-based forms of swordsmanship. These include Iai-jutsu\Iaido, Battojutsu\battodo, Kenjutsu\Kendo, Aiki-ken, Ninja-ken, Chanbara, Goshindo, Shinkendo, etc. In order to keep a consistent and accurate level of instructorship within the body of members of KIAI, the following requirements must be met by ALL members: 

Are there any certificates and promotions in KIAI?

KIAI provides Membership Cards to all its members. Ad hoc grading panels can be formed during larger gatherings.

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