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KIAI Organization Purpose 
 KIAI is a non-profit  association founded in 1999 to improve the communications among Japanese sword arts instructors worldwide.
Two main activities of KIAI are organizing annual seminars and publishing KIAI ONLINE MAGAZINE
Members of KIAI are instructors of Japanese sword arts from various styles, schools and associations. Following the idea of assembling people who share the same interests, founders of KIAI have created this association to attract all kenjutsu-related martial artists, including those in kendo, iaido, kenjutsu, aiki-boken, ninja-ken, chanbara, goshindo, shinkendo, and various other forms of Japanese swordsmanship. KIAI brought together people from many countries, through annual international seminars and meetings (in Europe, USA and Australia) and numerous Online Magazines. It is estimated that several thousands of students are training under current active or former KIAI members.
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