The Pair-a-Docs Report 4/5/05

(Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford - USA)


     Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford have been traveling around the USA spreading the word about Unity and Diversity in the martial arts, San-Ryu-Do Iaijutsu and Combative Sports Weaponry.

     Combative Sports Weaponry includes Kenjutsu and Kobudo and the Docs believe that it is a Martial Arts Discipline that can unify all of the martial arts by creating a tournament event that any martial artist from any style can compete on an even playing field with all other martial artists.

     If you love Combat Kenjutsu and Kobudo then check out Combative Sports Weaponry at the Slippery Rock Classic, Arnold Martial Arts Festival and 29th Battle of Columbus below.  Combative Sports Weaponry uses a 5 to 7 point format allowing the call of one-half point to arms and legs and a full point to the body.  If you are interested in San-Ryu-Do Iaijutsu check out where seminars have been given and where they will be this coming year.


USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Jamaica, NY                                                     26-MAR-05

     It was a day of Vendors and Seminars that culminated in a Gala Banquet with over 500+ in attendance.  In the morning Josh Birkins and Bill Winston put on a one and one-half hour seminar on San-Ryu Do while Kyle Hufford, Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford setup and manned the International San-Ryu-Do Booth.

     That evening Dr. Braff, Dr. Hufford and Dr. Hufford's students were were inducted into the Prestigious USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  Dr. Braff was inducted as "Grand Master of the Year."  Dr. Braff is the founder of San-Ryu-Do and the International San-Ryu-Do Federation.  Dr. Hufford was inducted for having the “Most Superior Organization of the Year.”  Dr. Hufford is the Founder of Nihon To-Jutsu Karate-Do Kai (The Japanese Bladed Weapon Technique and the Way of the Empty Hand Association).  Dr. Hufford’s organization strives (as does the ISF) to build bridges between the martial artist, martial arts organizations and the global martial arts community.  The motto is CONNECT, NETWORK, and SHARE.  Kyle Hufford was inducted into the Hall of Fame as "Black Belt of the Year," Josh Birkins was inducted as "Instructor of the Year," and Bill Winston was inducted as "Male Competitor of the Year."  It was a wonderful dinner and awards ceremony.



29th Battle of Columbus – Columbus, OH                                                      19-MAR-05

     Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford were the Weapons Director's for Weapons Forms and Combative Sports Weapons at this Excellent Tournament.

     Both Team San-Ryu-Do and Team Dragon Fire again traveled to the Greater Columbus Convention Center to compete again in Full-Contact Weapons Sparring.  There were over 700 competitors and spectators in attendance at this prestigious martial arts event.  All total the two teams collected 30 plus medals. Great Job San-Ryu-Do and Dragon Fire!!

     Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford were also recognized at a Gala Banquet for their special service as Weapons Discipline Directors for the Tournament.



Arnold Martial Arts Festival – Columbus, OH                                     4-6 MAR-05

     As Combative Sports Weapons Director and Breaking Co-Director Dr. Braff along with Dr. Hufford as Assistant Combative Sports Weapons Director traveled to the Arnold Martial Arts Festival to organize and run the CSW and Breaking Divisions.

     Team Dragon Fire and Team San-Ryu-Do traveled to the Greater Columbus Convention Center to compete again in Full-Contact Weapons Sparring.  Another team in attendance was Team Trinidad headed by Grand Master Christopher Francis.  There were over 3000 competitors and spectators in attendance at the largest martial arts festival in the United States.  All total Team San-Ryu-Do and Team Dragon Fire collected over 35 medals.  Brendan Hufford (Team Dragon Fire) competed in the Grand Championship against Brett Adamik (Team San-Ryu-Do) and took the Grand Champion Trophy Home for Team Dragon Fire.

     Dr. Braff hosted a marvelous dinner on the last night at the Airport Marriott Hotel.  In attendance were famous martial artists such as G.M. Joon P. Choi, O'Sensei Phil Porter, Soke Kevin Cullen, G.M. Ralph Bergamo, Master Drew Serrano and Shihan Matt LaPanne.  It was an enjoyable time for all.



Slippery Rock Classic, Slippery Rock, PA                                                      26-FEB-05

     To kick off the Tournament Event Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford conducted a Padded Weapons Clinic for 25 plus participants in front off an audience of over 150.

     Dr. Braff representing the World Karate Union presented "WKU Promoter's Jackets" to Grand Master Joon P. Choi, Master Floyd Kish and Master Tokey Hill.

     Team San-Ryu-Do and Team Dragon Fire also traveled to the Slippery Rock Classic to compete in Full-Contact Weapons Sparring.  Together the two teams took over 40 places in the competition.  EXCELLENT JOB!!



G.M. Choi's Moogong Winter Camp 2005                                            21-23 JAN-05

     Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford attended Winter Camp 2005 and participated in the training camp as well as taught a San-Ryu-Do Iaijutsu seminar.

     G.M. Choi's Kimoodo was extremely interesting and an invigorating example of the healing Arts within the martial arts. Kimoodo is an excellent method for regaining and maintaining ones health.

     Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford were both presented with Certificates of Appreciation for their contributions to the Moogong Winter Camp.


Action Martial Arts Expo and Hall of Fame - Atlantic City, NJ         14-16 JAN-05

     Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford along with their students - Brett Adamik, Jacob Weiskoff, Bill Winston and Josh Birkins - manned the International San-Ryu-Do Federation (ISF) booth at the largest martial arts expo in the East.  The motto of ISF is CONNECT-NETWORK-SHARE.  Master Alan Goldberg organized the event that was attended by many martial artists - such as G.M. Mark Shuey (Cane Masters), Stephen K. Hayes, Master Ralph Bergamo and Drew Serrano (U.S. Breakers Association) and so many others.

     During the Expo Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford, along with their students, put on a stage show to demonstrate the sword art of San-Ryu-Do Iaijutsu and Combative Sports Weaponry – Kenjutsu Kumite.  There were over 200+ spectators during the stage show.  Their students demonstrated the Shiho No Kata, Hachiho No Kata, RokuSho and Freestyle kata of the San-Ryu-Do sword system followed by a sample of Combative Sports weapons tournament sparring.

     Following the stage show Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford taught a San-Ryu-Do Iaijutsu seminar.  During this seminar they taught kihon waza 1-4 and 31 and 32 as well as Shiho No Kata (kata of 4-directions) and how to perform both synchronous and asynchronous team demos for the San-Ryu-Do kata.  The first 4 kihon waza contain shinchoku giri (vertical downward cut), hidari and migi kesa giri (left and right downward diagonal cut), morote tsuki (two-handed straight thrust) and hidari mayoko giri (left horizontal cut).

     The prestigious Hall of Fame Banquet was attended by Dr. Braff, Dr. Hufford and and Prof. Christopher Francis. Prof. Francis is San-Ryu-Do's Trinidad/Caribbean Representative. All three were presented with awards at the banquet.



Congratulations!! Highest Martial Arts Ranks Awarded                              15-DEC-04

     On 15-DEC-04 Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford were awarded two of the highest and most respected martial arts titles. Dr. Braff received the title of "HANSHI" and Dr. Hufford received the title of "KYOSHI."

     The titles of Hanshi and Kyoshi are not titles that just any martial artist can take for themselves. To attain these highly respected positions in the martial arts community one must either be elected to the position or have the title bestowed upon them by a group of martial arts leaders and/or a respected martial arts organization.

     Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford received these titles from Grand Master Kevin "Huujinin" Cullen, Soke and the Worldwide Ateru Association for their ongoing contribution to the development, teaching and networking of San-Ryu-Do, Nihon To-Jutsu Karate-Do and Combative Sports Weaponry (CSW) within the martial arts community.


Cosmopolitan Martial Arts Tournament and Hall of Fame - Orlando, FL3-5 DEC-04

     Dr. Braff and Dr. Hufford participated as center judges and judges for Breaking, Forms, Weapons and Grand Championship divisions at the tournament Friday Evening and Saturday.

     The prestigious Hall of Fame Banquet was attended by Dr. Braff (and Family), Dr. Hufford and Master Joseph Pierro (and his wife).  Master Joseph Pierro is San-Ryu-Do's Florida State Representative.  Dr. Braff received Grand Master of the Year, Dr. Hufford Received Martial Arts Writer of the Year, and Master Pierro received Master of the Year.  It was an excellent dinner and a very festive event.



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