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Welcome to KIAI Online Magazine Archives, a compilation of all Magazines created by Kenjutsu International Association of Instructors. KIAI was founded in December 1999 and gathers practitioners-instructors in various Japanese sword arts from around the world. The first KIAI Online Magazine was created in September 2000, and it was just a short newsletter sent as a group message to the first KIAI members. It is estimated according to various site-meters that over 400 visits are made to the KIAI site every month - which makes 24.000 visits in past five years. It is our humbly estimation that at least two thousands of all these visits are made by different people.

In this Archive you will find all the articles ever published in KIAI Online, with precise history and evolution of KIAI, presented through various news and reports. Please, for current and most fresh news, membership status and other activities in KIAI, visit the web site of KIAI by clicking on our logo.

Your feedback will be most welcomed.

KIAI Founder,
Ivica Zdravkovic, MD
Jujutsu & Kenjutsu shihan

No.1 September 2000 No.2 October 2000 No.3 November 2000 No.4 December 2000 No.5 February 2001
No.6 March 2001 No.7 April 2001 No.8 May 2001 No.9 July 2001 No.10 September 2001
No.11 November 2001 No.12 January 2002 No.13 March 2002 No.14 May 2002 No.15 July 2002
No.16 August 2002 No.17 September 2002 No.18 October 2002 No.19 November 2002 No.20 December 2002
No.21 January 2003 No.22 February 2003 No.23 March 2003 No.24 April 2003 No.25 May 2003
No.26 June 2003 No.27 July 2003 No.28 August 2003 No.29 October 2003 No.30 November 2003
No.31 January 2004 No.32 March 2004 No.33 May 2004 No.34 July 2004 No.35 August 2004
No.36 September 2004 No.37 November 2004 No.38, December 2004 No.39, January 2005 No.40 2005
No.41 April 2005 No.42 July 2005 No.43 October 2005 No.44 December 2005 No.45 April 2006
No.46 July 2006 No.47 September 2006 No.48 January 2007 No.49 February 2007 No.50 April 2007  
No.51 July 2007 No.52. September 2007  No.53. December 2007 No.54.April 2008